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Our Story

I started Brightside Eyewear with one specific goal - to offer designer-quality sunglasses without the ridiculous price tag. It all began back in the summer of 2014 as I embarked on a "simple" search for a new pair of top-notch shades from one of those traditional brands. Before long, I found myself growing more and more frustrated as I realized that all of the premium sunglasses out there are way over priced, and those that do tote a more reasonable price tag are unacceptably subpar. Even worse were all of those expensive sunglasses advertised as high end, but yet were nowhere near the quality I would expect them to be. I should probably also note that I'm a bit of a sunglasses snob, so my standards are pretty high.

Fed up with the limited options available, this now became a dedicated mission to provide a better alternative for us sun-loving individuals. Thus, my search began. I scoured the internet, sent countless emails, and picked the brains of many industry experts to figure out all of the best materials and options to bring to the table, in the best way possible, without making any sacrifices in quality. The result? A line of affordable, premium sunglasses coming in classic styles and colorways that belong in everyone's arsenal.

I am very confident you will love our sunglasses even more than those big name designer frames. Brightside is a boutique eyewear brand determined to deliver quality and fashion at a reasonable price. We are passionate about what we do and I encourage you read through the rest of the site to get a feel for our process and what we stand for. If you decide to purchase a pair of our handcrafted frames, get ready to be showered with compliments from envious passersby. Added bonus: you finally don't have to be embarrassed about how much you spend on your awesome new sunnies.

Kevin Pugar, Founder