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Pioneer Project

We're teaming up with photographers/videographers to help capture our frames in creative ways. Ideal candidates are experienced photographers who take high quality photos and share a similar vibe as we do here at Brightside. As a participant in our Pioneer Project, you will get to choose your favorite pair of sunglasses to shoot with, which you of course then get to keep for yourself. Once you send us the finished shots, we will publish and promote some of your awesome work right here on our blog and on our Instagram account, while of course giving you all that sweet photo cred. However you want to shoot them is totally up to you - slap them on a friend to model, do product shots in a cool location... whatever! Just use your experience and creativity and snap away. We only ask that the look and feel fits in line with our brand. If you think you would be a good candidate for this project or know someone who might be interested, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!