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The Materials

Brightside sunglasses are handmade using the highest quality materials available. These are not like those cheap, flimsy, injection mold things you see so much of. These frames actually feel good on your face, and you will know they are special the moment you pick them up and put them on.

Cellulose acetate is a sustainable plant-based plastic made from cotton fibers and wood pulp, making it much more eco-friendly and giving it a more natural feel than petroleum-based plastics. Its standout characteristics are that it is durable, flexible, lightweight, and can be made in a wide range of colors. Layers of acetate are molded together to form large blocks, which the frames are then carved out of. Basically, this is the good stuff. We sampled and picked the best acetate we could find, with raw materials sourced from the US, Italy, and China. To top it off, we reinforce our acetate frames with metal rods running down the inside of the temples. Our stainless steel metal frames are lightweight and come with adjustable silicone nosepads for extra comfort and a secure fit. Lastly, we use tried and true extra sturdy 3- and 5-barrell hinges that help keep everything in place and ensure the temples won’t be flopping around with a mind of their own.

Frames are really only as good as the lenses they hold. There are a lot of plastic lens options out there, but in our eyes, glass lenses reign supreme because they feel better on your face and provide for optimal clarity and scratch resistance, as opposed to their plastic counterparts. That's why all of our frames are equipped with lovely shades of mineral glass lenses. After all, they're called sunglasses, not sunplastics. And of course, all of our lenses are shatter resistant and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Grab the polarized option to add little extra oomph and control some of that nasty outside glare.