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The Process

Our frames are meticulously designed in-house right here in Los Angeles. The smallest details are taken into consideration and perfected, because hey - details really matter. Brightsides are inspired by the classics, and developed with a unique focus on style and craftsmanship. We want our frames to help you show off your individual style and personality.

When the designs are ready to roll, we begin shuffling through a library of the highest quality acetate from one of our chosen suppliers. Each color is carefully selected to ensure that it is a perfect complement to the frame style. And we go through this detailed selection process with all of the other materials used on each frame as well. Please see the Materials section for further info on all the great stuff we’re using. 

Once we have all these pieces in place, we send everything off to our highly experienced and trusted manufacturer, which we searched long and hard to find. They then work their magic turning these little blocks of acetate and metal rods into wonderful works of art. Each and every frame is handmade using the utmost precision. There are a lot of steps involved here, so we’ll spare you some details. But if you've never gotten a chance to see this process (and we're assuming you haven't), you should probably Google a video of that. Pretty exciting stuff. Samples come and go until we are fully satisfied with the frame designs and colorways.

Each pair of sunglasses is inspected multiple times before we allow them to be released into the wild. And then Voilá! They are finally ready to grace your beautiful face. Now we rinse and repeat.